Welcome to CodeFamo.us!
the site to view famo.us gists

This is our simple viewer for famo.us code examples hosted on GitHub Gist. Store your famo.us code as a gist, and then point people here to view the example and the source code, live!

Just save the source code file as main.js in gist and use its identifier in the uri:


Here's an example gist:

https://gist.github.com/rsperberg/74ca030bafdca1635e47 => http://gist.codefamo.us/74ca030bafdca1635e47

Again: for a gist to display properly here, simply name your source code file main.js. After the gist has loaded, changes made in the code panel are reflected in the preview when you click the "Try it now ..." button.

On a cellphone, collapse the code panel in order to see the preview in full screen.

codefamo.us is run by Rich Kopelow and Roger Sperberg and was built using the famo.us JavaScript framework
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